Our History

In 1917 four brothers set out to honor their father Anthony (1st) Tarantino in a very special way. Sal, Dominic, Anthony (2nd), and Leo developed a poultry company and named it A. Tarantino and Sons. “A” in honor of their father Anthony, and “Sons” being the four brothers. Their sister Antoinette was also in the business, she ran the office.  Over the years they had a total of four retail counters in butcher shops, ultimately settling into one location at 1524 Polk Street, in the Sonoma market in San Francisco.

In the 1940’s the brothers decided to take on a new challenge, and also take over the seafood counter in the Sonoma market and we became A. Tarantino and Sons Poultry and Seafood. The company stayed at 1524 Polk Street for many years, and it was not until the late 1940’s that wholesale and restaurants became a large part of our business. As the years went on A. Tarantino and Sons began to take on more and more wholesale projects, leading to the thought of turning only wholesale.


Following WWII Anthony’s (2nd) son Anthony Joseph (3rd) became an important part of the company. It was obvious that Anthony Joseph (3rd) would be the next owner.

In 1970 when Leo the youngest of the four brothers, passed away Anthony Joseph (3rd) took over the business and moved it to 1630 Polk Street, also known as the Sonoma market.

In 1989 A. Tarantino and Sons expanded further and said good bye to 1630 Polk Street and the Sonoma market and moved to 2275 Jennings Street, a large ware house to begin their strictly wholesale business.

Anthony Joseph (3rd) led his son Tony (4th) and daughter Angela through the years and taught them all they would need to know to run the business. In 2000 Tony and Angela officially took over the business. Today the company is still located at 2275 Jennings Street and primarily delivers to many restaurants as well as privately owned grocery stores.


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