Norbest, Inc., headquartered in Midvale, Utah, is a federated marketing cooperative dealing exclusively with turkeys and value-added turkey products. It is the oldest cooperative organization of its type in the world, and is one of the top turkey marketing firms in the United States.

The objectives of the new association were to “produce and pack a higher grade of birds, to establish a known quality…to eliminate as much speculation as possible…and pack a product, using federal grades, of uniform standard quality that will command both respect and the confidence of buyers.” The Northwestern Turkey Growers Association was among the first to adopt federal grading standards. Throughout its second year of operation, Northwestern received a “Number One” grade, which proved to be a significant marketing advantage. Ever since, the co-op has adhered to the highest government and industry standards of quality.

Today all Norbest branded whole birds are USDA Grade A — the highest grade possible. “The purpose of Norbest, Inc. is to deliver maximum long-term return to our producer members by strategically marketing high-quality turkey products worldwide. This requires total commitment to provide both our trade customers and our ultimate consumers consistently high-quality product and service.”

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