About Us

Message from our President

Founded in 1917, we are the oldest Poultry and Seafood distributor in the San Francisco Bay Area. Quality products, service, and a strong customer base have kept us going all these years. A. Tarantino and Sons is a family-owned and operated business currently run by fourth-generation Tarantinos, and we are proud to say that the fifth generation is currently being groomed.

We are meticulous regarding quality control of the product we receive here at A. Tarantino and Sons. Our customers depend upon our ability to keep our quality high, and we do! Personalized service is a major reason customers choose A. Tarantino and Sons. We do not require large minimum orders from our customers, and we deliver five days a week with no delivery charge.

Special attention to our customers is another reason A. Tarantino and Sons has been successful for so long. It is not uncommon for us to call a customer to make sure they didn’t forget to place their order for the day. Drivers will rotate products at the customer site if requested.
Our billing department is the most helpful in the industry.
But most important, everyone does their best every day because “Mama is always watching”.

Anthony J. Tarantino, Jr.
A. Tarantino and Sons, Inc.